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Izzy’s to Add Lenten Classic ‘The Codfather’ Fish Sandwich to Permanent Menu | Food News | Cincinnati


Photo: provided by Izzy’s

Izzy’s Codfather

If you can’t wait until next Lent for a good fried fish sandwich, you’re in luck.

Cincinnati staple deli chain Izzy’s has announced it will be adding its famous Lenten fish sandwich “The Codfather” to the permanent menu.

The sandwich was previously only available during Lent, but according to an Instagram post from Izzy’s, it will now be offered year-round.

The sandwich features organic Atlantic cod from the cold waters around Greenland. Izzy’s CEO John Geisen said in a previous interview with CityBeat that the temperature gives the fish “a little bit better flavor and flakiness. It has a little sweetness to it.” It’s then breaded, deep-fried in vegetable shortening and sandwiched on a brioche bun with tartar sauce and Izzy’s famous pickles.

click to enlarge Izzy's CEO John Geisen (center), aka "the Codfather," at the Mary, Queen of Heaven fish fry - Photo: Provided by Mary, Queen of Heaven

Photo: Provided by Mary, Queen of Heaven

Izzy’s CEO John Geisen (center), aka “the Codfather,” at the Mary, Queen of Heaven fish fry

The Codfather moniker is a big part of Geisen’s life. He isn’t just the CEO of Izzy’s, he also takes on the alter ego of The Codfather at the annual Mary, Queen of Heaven (MQH) fish fry in Northern Kentucky.

Geisen, a parishioner at MQH, became involved after the church asked him to use his restaurant experience with Izzy’s to revamp their Lenten tradition. And each year, Geisen dresses up in mafioso gear, grabs a plush stuffed fish and heads to the fish fry to do meet-and-greets, take photos and emcee various games and trivia while parishioners and general fish fans eat.

Izzy’s has multiple locations including 800 Elm St., Downtown; 7651 Mall Road, Florence and 4766 Red Bank Expressway, Madisonville. Find more information at izzys.com.

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