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CityBeat Weekly Cincinnati News Roundup for July 19-23, 2021, with Cincinnati News and Events Near Me


Cincinnati’s new favorite dog Gertie is saved!Photo: Cincinnati Fire Department

It’s been a busy week. Between a heroic rescue of trapped pooch, a visit from President Biden and an in-depth look at Cincinnati’s roller-skating community in Cincinnati, a lot has happened. Catch up below! 

Beshear: COVID-19 Delta Variant Spreading Quickly Among Unvaccinated Kentuckians

Dr. Steven Stack, commissioner of the Kentucky Department for Public Health, says the highly transmissible Delta variant of the coronavirus carries 1,000x more viral load than the original virus and is “spreading like wildfire” — including to kids. Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear urges everyone to mask up again (but is not mandating it), especially as Ohio also is seeing a rise in cases due to the Delta variant. Read CityBeat‘s story on Kentucky’s sharp spike in COVID-19 cases, plus learn why doctors in Ohio are concerned that less than half the state’s population has been vaccinated.

Where to Cheer Cincinnati Soccer Star Rose Lavelle as She Chases Olympic Dreams in Tokyo This Week

Hometown soccer star Rose Lavelle is competing in her first Olympic Games, and Cincinnati is fired up! This Saturday at 7:30 a.m., Lavelle’s family will host a watch party in Silverton as Lavelle and the U.S. team take on New Zealand. Read CityBeat’s story about the watch party for Lavelle. 

Cincinnati Fire Department Saves Dog That Was Stuck in a Wall for Five Days

The Cincinnati Fire Department made quite the rescue when a Northside pooch got stuck in a ‘ruff’ spot. Gertie, a 35-pound white terrier mix, was missing from her home for five days until a neighbor on a different street heard whimpering coming from their own garage wall. Gertie somehow got stuck in the structure, the fire department broke her free with a sledgehammer and the story went viral on national media. Read CityBeat’s story about the rescue and Gertie’s reunion with her family. 

Biden’s Cincinnati Town Hall Was at Mount St. Joseph University, and Catholics Weren’t Happy About It

U.S President Joe Biden’s visit to the Queen City this week was not well received by some Catholics. Some of the faith’s followers were upset that Biden’s town hall with CNN was held at Mount St. Joseph University, a private Catholic school, plus the President — who is Catholic, himself — supports pro-choice abortion legislation. Read CityBeat’s story about the local reaction to Biden’s visit. 

New York Mets Announcer Gary Cohen Calls Skyline Chili ‘Disgusting’

Here in the Queen City, we frequently have to deal with outsider morons who have no culinary acumen when it comes to the local delicacy that is Cincinnati-style chili. It’s admittedly an acquired taste, but it certainly isn’t “disgusting chili gravy,” as Cohen put it. Luckily, the Cincinnati Reds and Skyline Chili agree with us. Read CityBeat‘s story about the announcer’s insult and watch his video.

Gold Star Giving Away Free Cheese Coneys for National Chili Dog Day

Speaking of chili, the Queen City is the best place to be on National Chili Dog Day. On Thursday, July 29, hungry Gold Star customers can get a free cheese coney with the purchase of any Pepsi product. Read CityBeat’s story about how to score your favorite Cincinnati snack. 

Cincinnati’s 34-Mile CROWN Urban Trail Loop is One Step Closer to Completion

Cincinnati is making big strides (no pun intended!) toward creating a 34-mile mixed walking and riding trail that encircles the city. Launched in August, 2020, this initiative to connect more than 100 miles of pre-existing and to-be-constructed trails just hit its $6 million goal. Read CityBeat’s story about the CROWN Urban Trail Loop and how to support its construction. 

These Favorite Local Lagers from Cincinnati Breweries Make Summer a Beer-eze

Lager is known for being a classic summer drink — light bodied with a moderate amount of alcohol content — and Cincinnati is the perfect city in which to find your new favorite. We’ve rounded up a few of the city’s best classics and some new options for you to try. Read CityBeat’s story about the best local lagers and where to find them

Cincinnati’s Roller Skating Community Breeds Inspiration, Entrepreneurship and a Few Thrown Elbows

It might seem like roller skating is making a comeback, but for Cincinnati skaters, the robust eight-wheeled community has been around for ages. Read CityBeat’s story about roller skating and where to find indoor and outdoor rinks. 

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