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Ohio’s Chocolate Buckeyes Are Actually Iconic, and That Other Survey Can GTFO | Food News | Cincinnati


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Maggy McDonel

Buckeye candy is an important part of Christmas — or anytime — in Ohio.

Listen: we’re chocolate buckeye stans around these parts.

There is nothing you can tell us that would crater our appreciation for the holy combination of chocolate and peanut butter, hand-rolled into little candy balls with a tiny, tasty eye peeking out. They’re an Ohio classic and part of long-held holiday traditions for many families.

That’s why we went apeshit when a recent survey said that chocolate Santas are Ohio’s favorite Christmas candy.

Chocolate Santas? The chocolate Santas that feel like wax and taste like pointless despair? Those chocolate Santas? Get out of here with that.

But now, a totally different survey is classifying buckeyes as an iconic Christmas treat. Christmas.co.uk ranks holiday foods throughout the United States, and Ohio’s buckeye candy comes in at No. 15 for 2021. Honestly, it should be a few notches higher, but there are no drug-store Santas on this list, so we’ll take it.

To determine its rankings, Christmas.co.uk surveyed nearly 3,500 Americans about their favorite Christmas dishes.

See Christmas.co.uk’s full list of iconic holiday foods as well as the dishes that each state is known for.

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