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photo: Hailey Bollinger

Cincinnati in the snow

Meteorologists are predicting another snowfall may hit Greater Cincinnati this week, with the National Weather Service in Wilmington saying the area could see up to 4 inches of snow.

Winter Storm Landon has already graced us with an ice storm, so hopefully everyone has stocked up on health essentials and ingredients for 3-Ways for hibernation. 

Precipitation is slated to turn from ice to snow on Thursday evening and into Friday, so if we do get slammed with the expected several inches of the white stuff, it’s helpful to know where Cincinnati’s Department of Public Services is clearing nearby streets.

Residents can check the city’s snow plow tracker for real-time data about that sweet plow action. The tracker shows the time of the most recent treatment, and the data is searchable by time range, street name and neighborhood.

“We ask for your patience as DPS first focuses its efforts on treating the City’s primary and secondary routes. Primary routes include some hills, bridges, main thoroughfares and Cincinnati’s downtown Central Business District,” DPS says on its website. “The City’s streets are cleared as a priority to improve the safety and travel conditions for the public.”

During a media briefing Wednesday at the Valley View Salt Dome, Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval, Assistant City Manager Sheryl Long and Traffic and Road Superintendent Jarrod Bolden implored city residents to heed snow and ice warnings and stay home.

“This is one of the worst combinations we could expect with the rain and then the ice and then the accumulating snow coming on top of that,” Bolden told reporters.

Bolden repeatedly said that Cincinnati residents should stay at home and off the roads during the storm so that the Department of Public Services can clear or treat the streets.

“If you don’t have to travel when the conditions are the worst, stay at home,” Bolden said.

“From an operational standpoint, it’s important for everyone to know that it’s going to take time,” he added. “These type of conditions, one single pass is not going to clear a road. We’re probably going to have to have multiple passes on main thoroughfares. But we’ll be out here until it’s done

The National Weather Service also shared how to find info about the conditions of state and federal roads in the Tri-State:

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