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Best Opa! and Octopus 2022 | Eats


While Cincinnati is home to dozens of high-end eateries, downtown’s Okto holds its ground as being one of the only upscale Greek restaurants in the area. The menu includes traditional Mediterranean dishes, like savory tiropita and spanakopita pastries, kebabs, flaming saganaki (a pan-fried Greek cheese) and baklava, as well as branzino (deboned at the table), lobster pasta and chef Wissam Baki’s signature octopus carpaccio. The dish features thin slices of marinated octopus served with radish, pea tendrils, onion, caper and lemon. To wash it down, Okto’s bar is stocked with a selection of wine and liquors imported from Greece and cocktails created to pair nicely with the restaurant’s Mediterranean flavors. oktocincinnati.com.

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