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Sound Advice: The Flaming Lips to Give ‘American Head’ to Cincinnati in April | Music News | Cincinnati


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photo: Blake Studdard, Atria Creative

The Flaming Lips

The last couple of years have been hard for everyone. Along the way, however, The Flaming Lips have offered a shiny spot in all of this mess.

When everything else was awful, isolating and still new and oh-so-strange, The Flaming Lips found ways to stay connected with their fans. Whether it was DIY projects or adorable videos of frontman Wayne Coyne’s first kiddo, Bloom, fans could count on a distraction from their favorite band on social media. The Lips even put together in-person performances for fans who wanted to stand in their own personal plastic bubbles — literal bubbles as COVID-19 protection — and safely enjoy some new tunes.

Always the “performance artists,” they performed for us when it was hard to find anyone else who could.

The Flaming Lips have long been that kind of reliable presence, though. When my daughter was just a tiny babe and hated sleep, The Flaming Lips’ music videos seemed to lull her into contentment, even if she was still awake. From their most popular song “Do You Realize??” to one of their first big singles “She Don’t Use Jelly,” their dreamy music and bold, blurry and colorful videos were exactly what she needed.

Later, we moved on to live videos, and the plastic bubbles, giant unicorn wings and robots all caught her attention. She’d zoom in on the videos, zoom out on reality and, soon enough, zonk out for the night (I promise that’s a compliment).

Now that the worldwide, two-year shitshow that has been COVID-19 seems to be starting to wane, The Flaming Lips are no less vital to their fans’ joy. They’re finally hitting the road! After eons, we can finally see what kind of wild and crazy show Coyne et al have put together to accompany 2020’s album, American Head. Plastic bubbles will surely make an appearance at the Andrew J. Brady Music Center on April 5. You will no doubt feel like you’ve entered some sort of Willy Wonka-produced wonderland. You might even worry someone slipped you some acid. But my kid and I promise, it’ll be the best, most vibrant trip of your life.

Doors are at 6:30 p.m. on April 5. As of press time, a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination is required for entry. Tickets start at $42.50. Get more info at bradymusiccenter.com.

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